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Anne Quinn
Parchment and Calligraphy Tutor

Updated 2016

What's New?

I am currently only teaching one day per month to my local group of ladies, many of whom have been with my class for between 5 and 20 years.

I have several aches and pains with constant embossing over the last 20 years since I started parchment craft in 1996, so I have decided to semi-retire.

I shall continue in the coming years meeting 1 day per month with my group, creating new designs as and when I can, but I will continue to teach and advise in the class whilst my ladies still want to meet each month.

This website will stay live for another couple of years and my designs are available while stocks last.

If you are interested in joining my class, please email me to ask for class dates and updated information. annequinnparchment@yahoo.co.uk See also my facebook page (using the link on the left hand side) for more up to date details and designs.

Thank you. Anne.

About Anne

Anne Quinn has been teaching Parchment Craft since March 1996 and is self-taught except for a weekend course with Parchment Craft tutors Ann Bowman, Anne Rowntree and Josie Davidson along with a couple of lessons with Anne Rowntree several years ago.


She regularly teaches Parchment Craft in her local area of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire, as well as on cruise ships a couple of times a year, along with husband Paddy as her able assistant! Tracing onto parchment in a gale force 9 on a ship is not one to be recommended though - thankfully this has only happened once so far on a cruise to Iceland! On the ships, many people from different countries are introduced to the craft which is good news for us all. Anne also teaches in an Adult Education College for the Irish Countrywomen's Association, north of Dublin in Southern Ireland each year, and has done so since 2003. The ladies (usually!)come along for the three-day courses which are very well received in Ireland. She regularly does a one day workshop for other groups before and after the college courses too.

Specialising in gridwork, whitework, and pencil work, Anne also likes using stencils and peel-offs on parchment. You can't always spend several hours making a card, and peel-offs and stencils are much quicker for that last minute card. Along with her pattern packs, her calligraphy, which she has also taught since 1986, is also useful for tracing and embossing. She has for sale on her mail order section, a pack of 6 sheets of her writing with almost every message or greeting that you could possibly want for any occasion.

Included on the mail order section is Anne's three gridwork booklets that she has written over the past couple of years, one using the Pergamano solid diagonal grid and two booklets using the PCA Bold Flexible Diagonal Grid printed in October 2007 and September 2009.

One of Anne's more famous achievements was to make a card for Her Majesty the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's Golden Wedding in 1997, which was commissioned by Arthritis Care and Bath-Knight. They were hosting a reception for 50 Golden Wedding couples who married in the same year as the Queen and were all asked to sign inside the card, so it had to be big! It eventually turned out to be about 20 by 24 inches! There were six inch square 3D parchment flowers on the corners, gold leaf (naturally) on the front, with calligraphy in the centre with the Queen and the Duke's names on it. Her letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace was very exciting to receive and also a photograph of the card at the gates of the Palace.