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Anne Quinn
Parchment and Calligraphy Tutor


Click on the images below to launch the pattern which can then be printed

Trace border and greeting in white ink or gel pen, and the centre flower bouquet in white pencil.

Half emboss from outer edges mainly on all the flowers and leaves. Stipple the little dotty bud-like pieces. Emboss stems lightly with small ball tool. Stipple flower centres.

Half emboss ribbons: softly from outside edge from he reverse - halfway towards the centre on the front bits, and halfway fromt he centre outwards - on the top of the parchment, on the inside of the bows.

Fill in the arcs on the outside border, or stipple. Emboss greetings until white.

Trace bows, ribbons and greetings in white, and the design in the centre in fine black waterproof pen or ink.

Half emboss bows and ribbons with large embossing ball tool. Emboss the front of the ribbons and bows fromt he back, and the inside of the bows from the top of the parchment.

Use a star/sun tool within the double lines of the centre knotwork oval.

Lightly emboss leaves, and half emboss poppy in centre, and finally colour from the reverse with felt tip pens.

I traced this pen in fine, black, waterproof pen on A5 parchment.

Colour on top of the pattern with pencil crayons (Polychromos oil based pencils work well) and then emboss from underneath.

Emboss the cloth on the front and then underneath, to give it a ripply effect!

Cut the edge with fancy scissors.

Trace in fine, black, waterproof pen or ink.

Half emboss petals from outside edge underneath, and a little on the top of the parchment from the centre outwards of all three flowers. Lightly emboss leaves where they show white on the picture!

Emboss lettering and border and perforate border away when finished.

Colour from behind with felt tip pens.

Trace in fine, black, waterproof pen or coloured ink if you wish.

Half emboss flowers: do the turnovers from the back, and then emboss from centre halfway towards the turnovers on the top of the parchment, petals without the turnovers need embossing from the outside edge underneath half way towards the centres.

Trace centre veins on the leaves on the top of the parchment.

Colour the reverse with felt tip pens

Emboss lettering.

Trace in fine, black pen as before.

Emboss white swirls on the flowers and centre veins of leaves.

Stipple the cone of the bunch, and colour from behind with muted colour felt tip pen. Colour the reverse of flowers and leaves too.

Border is done with a scalloped stencil.

Trace and then emboss in between the double lines. Perforate away with small scallop needle tool.

I traced this pattern in black ink (looks good in white too!).

Half emboss flower petals from outside edge underneath towards centre. Emboss flower centres heavier.

Half emboss leaves softly from outside edges. Emboss lettering.

Colour all from reverse with felt tip pens.

Perforate edge away with any needle tool of your choice. Mount onto card.

Trace in fine, black, waterporoof pen.

Half emboss all sections and colour the reverse with felt tip pens.

Use a star tool for decoration within the double lines around the rectangle.

I have used some thicker line glitter peel-offs around the edge and cut next to them with scissors and attached a dark card underneath.

You can stick very thin double sided tape underneath the peel-off lines to attach to the card if you wish.


Trace with coloured inks or fine, black, waterproof pen.

Half emboss flowers and leaves and colour on top with pencils towards the embossing.

Butterfly is 3D; trace full butterfly, each shape separately, and a top body piece on another piece of parchment. Emboss where you wish and use star/sun tools for decoration on separate pieces. Perforate out, colour reverse with felt tip pens and attach to card with 3D bits on top with silicone glue.

I have used a thin line white peel-off around the edge and attached a darkish card underneath.