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Anne Quinn
Parchment and Calligraphy Tutor


Click on the images below to launch the pattern which can then be printed


Trace on an A4 piece of parchment in white or coloured inks.

Emboss the turnovers on the flowers, and emboss the petals with turnovers on top halfway towards the turnover. Other leaves without the turnovers, emboss from back from outside edge halfway towards the centre.

Emboss centre veins of leaves. Colour all leaves and flowers from reverse with felt tip pens.

Perforate holes with any grid in between flowers and leaves. Perforate away the edge. and fold parchment into three (I have put a dark blue card underneath the flap to show the whitework.). Insert rainbow sheet of paper.

Stick double sided tape on edges on centre piece and fold up to form the pocket.


Fold a piece of A4 parchment into three sections. On the end section, use a stencil ( I used an Ornare stencil PRO 585) and mark the centre with lead pencil.. Trace round the stencil up to the fold line from the centre point.

Then place the flap of the envelope onto a PCA Bold Diagonal Grid and do the bobbles first. Turn over the parchment and grid together and pop in all the holes as shown on design, making sure that the holes are of an even number for the "ribbon".

Cut out all holes and use strips of coloured parchment to thread through the holes, starting underneath, attaching them at the ends underneath with a small bit of double sided tape.

I used a PCA tool F.1022 for the scallop edge. Stick double-sided tape on the centre section on the outside edges to fold and stick the envelope together. Insert a folded piece of rainbow paper in which to put your cash, cheque or voucher inside.

Finish off with any peel-offs.