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Anne Quinn
Parchment and Calligraphy Tutor


Click on the images below to launch the pattern which can then be printed


I traced this in fine black waterproof pen on folded A4 parchment, and half embossed everything.

Embossed the ferns with fine scriber or small embossing ball tool.

Finally I coloured it all on the reverse with felt tip pens.

Inserted a rainbow card.

Easy peasy!

I traced this in fine black waterproof pen too.

Emboss snowmen and snow-women with extra large ball tool first and then gradually with large ball tool to get plenty of whiteness!

Use any decorating/sun/star tools on the reverse and finally colour with felt tip pens on the reverse.

The red berries, I always colour on top with waterproof pens if possible, so as not to smudge!


I traced the fir cones in brown waterproof pen, ribbons and greeting in white gel pen, the baubles in black waterproof pen, and the leaves in green.

Half emboss everything, colour on the reverse with felt tip pens.

Emboss lettering.

I used the Pergamano five in a circle tool on the background, and a small bobble of embossing inside it.

Use a scriber for the candle glow.

Trace in fine black waterproof pen.

Trace border first - I have used the border pattern as on the christmas carol singers below.

Half emboss the letters on the reverse, also the border arc shapes and the presents.

Use a star/sun tool in the two L-shapes which form the tree trunk.

Use a Fine large scallop tool (PCA F.1022) for perforating edge of border.

Colour from the reverse with felt tip pens.

Attach to card with brads.

Trace the border in white ink or gel pen and the carol singers in fine black waterproof pen as above. If you are doing gridwork, do not trace criss- crossed lines in corners.

Half emboss border and emboss the diamond shape in solid white embossing,

Half emboss skirts, trousers, capes etc on the singers.

Use any grid pattern in the four corners, or use a large sun tool in the shapes as on the pattern.

I have done two different patterns as you can see.

Colour from the reverse with felt tip pens and attach to card with brads.


Do border first with PCA Bold Straight Grid as shown on pattern when printed.

Trace as shown, oval of holly in fine black waterproof pen, and the rest of pattern in white. Emboss turnovers on flowers from reverse, and the rest of the petal from the top centre towards the turnovers. The other petals are done from the reverse with large ball tool from the outside edge inwards.

Lightly emboss with small ball on the fern and stamens. Emboss berries heavily and colour on top.

Lightly emboss leaves with large ball and colour all from the reverse with pencils or felt tip pens.

Use parchment strips for the "ribbon" after cutting out all shapes. Attach at the back with bits of double sided tape, and stick down with the same tape under the ribbon onto dark card.